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Psychiatry Review Series for ABPN's

Certification Examination Updated for DSM-5

In 2011, the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) started a new certification format for physicians who began psychiatry residency in 2007 (PGY-1) or 2008 (PGY-2).    Unlike the previous examination that required actual interview of real patients, this newly introduced Psychiatry Certification Examination consists only of a computer-based examination. With no anxiety-provoking actual interviews and with no examiners looking over ones shoulders, is this process supposed to be easier compared to previous exam challenges?   Is this supposed to be a walk in the park? A piece of cake?   Not necessarily. In fact, the level of difficulty is different. With nine and a half grueling hours and two sessions to complete 500 multiple-choice items, it’s not as easy as what others may initially assume. The morning session consists of Psychiatry A (basic psychiatry) and Psychiatry B (behavioral psychiatry, cognition, and neurology), each section with 125-multiple-choice questions.    Considered to be the more challenging component, the afternoon session is comprised of Clinical Psychiatry (clinical psychiatry) with 250 items in total. In this section, each clinical case consists of five to six questions that may include videos and images. Each item may have multiple answers making this component tougher than the first two sections.   To pass the Psychiatry Certification Examination, the candidate must attain a total passing score and should pass each section (A, B, and C) of the exam.   Certainly, this new ABPN format poses challenges to physicians who wish to obtain ABPN's prestigious certification. To help exam candidates deal with the hurdle, Dr. Michael Rayel wrote psychiatry reviewers speficially focusing on this new format.   In 2012, Dr. Rayel released Psychiatry Certification Examination Review Series for the Clinical Psychiatry Component. With three volumes of case vignettes and practice questions, this series aims to help exam candidates face the more difficult Clinical Psychiatry component (section C). Currently, all volumes are updated for DSM-5.   May you have success in your certification endeavors!